Manufacturing Overview

When you choose a Total Micro product, you are guaranteed quality. That's because at Total Micro we are committed to providing our customers with only the very best – in all of our product categories.

Every component used in the construction of Total Micro products must be pre-certified by our quality assurance team because the smallest imperfection can create serious repercussions in the long-term performance of products.

Component Selection

To ensure consistent performance in a wide variety of manufactured products requires a commitment to excellence that begins at the component level with careful vendor selection. Every component used in the manufacture of Total Micro products must meet the highest performance and fault tolerance specifications in its category. With an international procurement network that covers every major technology market, Total Micro has built long-term relationships with key components suppliers, which ensure a consistent supply of top quality parts regardless of market conditions.


The Total Micro engineering teams have been credited with pushing new technology concepts into marketable solutions that offer consumers higher performance products at aggressive prices. The portable computer marketplace is expected to see the highest continued growth year over year through 2016. Thus the Total Micro engineering team is working to constantly develop innovative ways of enhancing the performance of notebook and laptop systems to help users get the maximum performance from legacy systems as well as all the newest models. Each new Total Micro product is built using the latest technological advances, so as to offer increased speed, reliability and unparalleled performance over similar products in the market.


Every Total Micro branded product is built in ISO 9000 certified manufacturing facilities using state of the art manufacturing equipment. These facilities perform daily recalibrations and annual system rotations, to maintain the accuracy of all the equipment and preserve consistency in product construction ensuring long-term reliability.


Every Total Micro branded product must pass an extensive array of tests before our quality audit team will release the product to be packaged and shipped to our customers. All products regardless of their final application must pass visual audit tests, functionality tests and in the case of board level products, every component is tested using state of the art parametric evaluation equipment which verifies each component for its full functionality and performance.



Every Total Micro branded product is built in ISO 9000 certified manufacturing facilities using the latest in manufacturing technology. Through daily recalibrations and annual system rotations, Total Micro's manufacturing facilities ensure long-term product performance and reliability. Many of our products use printed circuit boards. Technicians building these boards monitor and record every step while manufacturing to ensure processes like the ambient temperature of the solder paste used to secure components and PCBs is maintained at optimal levels and then slowly reheated through the re-flow oven building solid solder joints free from microscopic cracks which later will collect particulate matter and potentially cause a loss of consistency in product performance.

This type of strict attention to detail and commitment to consistency has caused Total Micro to become the vendor of choice for major computer manufacturers and distributors worldwide.