Reseller Program

For over twenty three years, Total Micro has been manufacturing and distributing products for our Reseller partners. At a time when other manufacturers have abandoned the reseller market in favor of web based direct sales, Total Micro continues to uphold its commitment to the support of our dealers.

Our Comprehensive
Reseller Support Program:

Aggressive Pricing

To fully support the end user market, Total Micro requires the assistance of trained knowledgeable dealers. In return for your support, Total Micro markets its products at prices that allow dealers to remain competitive while consistently earning higher than average profit margins. Try our on-line quote.

Flexible Credit Terms

Submit a Credit Application and receive terms within 48 hours.

Expanding Sales Opportunities

Market studies show that more than 70% of all end users purchase upgrades and peripherals for their existing systems from sources other than the original dealer from whom they purchased their system. Click here to have a Total Micro marketing specialist contact you regarding implementing a custom marketing program to capture additional sales from your existing customers.

Custom Marketing Programs

Total Micro's in house team of advertising professionals can create direct marketing vehicles to assist you to increase customer awareness within key accounts. Find Out More...

End User Leads

Although we do not sell our products directly to end users, Total Micro actively pursues Fortune 1000 companies to develop awareness and win approval from their standards committees. These marketing campaigns as well as our website are designed to attract end user leads and dealer sales opportunities.

Evaluation Units

Total Micro offers evaluation units for major end users. Request an evaluation unit today.

Toll-Free Technical Support

Total Micro's technical support engineers are standing by to answer all your technical questions. regarding the proper installation and support of any of our product lines which spans over 25,000 SKUs. Contact them toll free at (800) 438-3014, or send your request to Technical Support.


A Note on
Channel Integrity

There was a time when dealers and distributors could trust their vendor partners to support them in the cultivation of markets and the sale of products to their customers. However, today most major manufacturers have enduser sales programs which compete with the very dealers that helped them initially build their businesses.

Total Micro products are sold only through our Authorized Resellers - never directly to end users. Our most fundamental business philosophy is that of building long term, mutually profitable relationships with our dealers and distributors. We actively market to the Fortune 1000, and promote our products via the Internet, trade shows, national publications, and special promotions. We invite major companies all over the world to contact us regarding business opportunities, to order evaluation units, and to provide Total Micro with feedback on new innovations. However, all leads and business opportunities are forwarded to our Reseller partners and all sales are transacted through our authorized dealers and distributors.